All Short Stories to Assist you in House Building

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Go on a DIY House Building Adventure – 3 Quirky Examples to Building Creatively Just For You!

Many of the wonderful positives you get from DIY House Building is all the fun quirky features you can add right into your house. Unique characteristics you can build adding excitement and mystic to your place. Lots of fun. And here are 3 examples to get you started… 

1. Shelves and Hiding Spaces Set in Walls <img src="construction.jpg" alt="house">

Instead of building shelves or purchasing them and nail them into the wall, why not consider building small shelves right into your walls during the DIY house building process before adding on the interior sheet rock, paneling or pine boards.

All you have to do is use small pieces of left over 2 x 4′s that you will have from building and make shelves right into your house framing. You might want to do this to interior walls not the walls guarding you from the outside temperatures where you need maximum insulation.

Of course insulating the wall afterward might require a little more work with handling and cutting insulation panels but the fun and uniqueness of having shelves like this for the rest of your life is worth the little extra time. You could make little Nick Knack or shoe shelves.


2. Secret Room

s - Remember those movies that have revolving doors and secret chambers? Well, you can DIY (do it yourself) house build a small room attached to your house and make a door that looks like the wall that leads into your secret room. Or you could hide the door by covering that section of wall with a decorative blanket or ornate rug or even make the door into a rotating book shelf. You can even use a secret room like this to hide your survival food stores if you are into survival or would like a more secure place for your valuable or precious items.

3. Ceilings- When you DIY house build you can tailor your house as unique as you feel including a variety Ceiling and roof designs. For instance you could make one roof section with a 5 degree slant and another with cathedral ceilings.

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An Overview of House Building

When you plan to build a house, make sure you are ready for the whole process. It may seem fun to be able to build a house from scratch but house building isn’t a joke. Days of planning are required just to start it. A lot of people would be involved in building a house. You must be ready to spend a lot for materials, labourers, etc. Also, you must remember that it takes months before it is finished. During those months, even if you aren’t the architect or the contractor, you will also be busy. You also have to know what’s going on and you have to approve things before they do it. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

When we look at television shows or movies, it looks like it is fast and easy to build a house but in real life, it is not that simple. Of course, if they film it, they have to cut the process so you don’t see everything. But in reality, you must go through the whole process before you’ll be able to see the house that you want. This is a summary of house building. It isn’t complete but it is just an overview of things:

• Know where you want to build a house and picture in your mind or draw how you want your house to look like.

• Hire people to do the job (architects, engineers, contractors, carpenters, painters, etc).

• Let those people know how you want your house to be. You have to be open and communicate with them well so you will get the result that you want.

• Since you are building from scratch, you must be aware or at least know what will they be building first (foundation, basement, floor, walls, roof, windows, doors, etc) It will start from the foundation going up and slowly work on the insides and interiors of the house which would include plumbing and electricity.

• Once the house is built, then interior designers would enter the picture. They would make the house look more beautiful inside.

This is really a very short and just a summary on what really happens during the process. There are a lot of things that would happen in between that owners should be aware of. Owners must be involved with the process. They could visit the site so they know the progress so they would be happier with the end result.

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Materials for House Building

In house building, the people who will build the house is important because they are the ones who would actually build the house and keep it together. But another important aspect in the building of the house would be the materials. And in this project, there are a lot of materials that are needed. From start of the project until the end, you will be spending a lot. There are really expensive materials and there are cheap but just for materials, you will be spending thousands already. So if you plan to build a house, you must be ready to spend a lot.

For the house owners, they don’t have to worry about what materials you would need since there are people who are in charge to buy them. What they need to worry about is the payment. Before the workers buy these materials, they must first get approval from the owner. You would hear them say, “Is that really needed?” “How much will it cost me this time?” Those are normal reactions and questions from the owners because they do spend a lot just for house building. So sometimes, they want to know what those materials are and what it is for.

Here are some of the many, many materials that are used for house building:

• Concrete or Cement: Of course, this is one of the basic and most needed materials for the house. It is used for the whole structure and the walls of the house

• Wood: Not just for the furniture but for other exteriors of the house

• Mud and Clay: Builders know which one to use depending on the soil of the land

• Metal: It is used for the pipes inside the house and other parts of the building

• Glass: For the windows, bathroom and other areas of the house. Different sizes and shapes will be used

• Paint: There are different shades and colors that will be used for both the exterior and the interior of the house

There are still a lot of materials needed in building a house. Things like hammers, saw, screw driver, etc. Those small objects are needed by the workers. Building a house is both stressful and expensive but in the end, all those are worth it. If you see the end product and it is really what you wanted your house to look like, you will for

get all those problems and expenses. You will just enjoy the house that you made and live happily.

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Effective Planning For House Building

House building in point of fact denotes primarily possessing a good handling in terms of supervision of a broad range of specifics and details prior to the actual house building activity can commence. Supporting funds, land ownership, building permits and other documents, a home plan, a reliable contractor, as well as the time duration to administer the whole lot are crucial considerations in getting started to construct a home.

Financial resources is a good way to begin since even before attempting to budget the house building project, supporting funds or adequate financial resources have to be set aside beforehand. In this regard, home building may be approached with a finance consultant and preparing a studied, equitable financial plan. Getting hold of a good property for house building is among major essentials. It is also best to keep in mind and be compliant with all the guidelines and laws pertaining to soil, geological facts, utilities, and land survey matters. Apparently, prior to settling on the preferred house plan, building permits have to be secured initially for house building.

The exterior and int

erior design of the house is executed and accomplished by an architect. There are a lot of options to think of so they have to be limited into the lot area of the property, the preferences of the homeowner, and financial resources to be used for house building. Looking at other house plans is useful for the owner to have an idea of what he or she or the family wants. To consider the interior layout for the house building plans, various aspects such as the amount of space for all those who will live in the house as well as the layout design have to be carefully planned. With house building, it is also important to make plans while the house is being built with future purchasers or owners being considered even if at the moment there is no chance that the owner would consider selling the property in the future.

It entails a number of particular trades or art techniques to guarantee work of quality; hence, it is frequently better to employ expert crafts people do the work. Among the trades necessary is the sitework wherein there will be consigned people to clear out and grade the property. Carpenters, concrete finishers, and other construction workers will administer the foundation and slabs in the construction. The framers will be doing lot of rough woodwork to frame the walls and put up the trusses correctly. Another important trade is weathering in of the sheathing, roofing, exterior windows and doors and brick layering by contractors. House building has need of electricians, plumbers, finishers, cabinet makers and other woodwork, installers of air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation, insulators, painters, and flooring installers. Without these trades people, the construction will not be feasible.

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DIY House Building – 4 Great Tips to Finding Inexpensive Land For DIY House Building

Land is a super gold m

ine especially if you want to do DIY House Building. And you might be asking yourself where in the world is there inexpensive land these days, and when is the perfect time to buy land? Well, here are 4 great tips to help you out…

1. Land Central – So how and where can you locate your Land Central, your hub to build your new home on? I have found in these areas you most likely will find the “golden” land you have been looking. Try doing a search on internet auction sites such as eBay and do a search and write in these words “land in (plugin where you would like property). I find lots of inexpensive land here perfect for DIY house building on internet auction sites! You could also check out real estate actions, or estate sales to find good quality, affordable land.

2. Choosing a Gold mine - What type of land do you want? Do you like trees and the natural forest setting? Then you are in luck since wooded tracks of land seem to be less expensive, a step down on the inexpensive level than land in a harsher environment like dessert type land. And try not to discount land in drier or hotter regions especially if you don’t mind being warm. These types of land people live on just fine adapting to their environments.

3. When Should You Look for Land - A very good question since you might be totally surprised to find out the most excellent time to buy land. And guess what? You might try looking for land during the coldest time of year in the region you choose to buy land in. Haha, I bet you were surprised!

Yes, during the coldest season that way you can clear through the buying process and close on the land right before you want to start DIY house building right after winter. So if you are in late fall season or winter then start looking around and doing a little research.

You should make an excellent plan of action, one that is designed to best benefit your Do it yourself house building needs. Looking for land in the winter guarantees a closing on the land right before spring and then you can start your building nice and early before the heat sets in. Sounds like a whole lot of fun finding land, exciting and full of potential for an awesome peaceful secure future when you DIY House Build!

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Easy Steps to Make House Building Stress Free!

Do you consider

house building, but don’t know how to start? Can’t seem to decide on how to start living in that home you’ve been dreaming and wishing for? Building a house can seem very complicated because of all the ideas that you have which makes it confusing and stressful not knowing how to begin. Well here’s some easy steps on how to finally start living that dream!

First you have to gather all your ideas by compiling all the pictures or by drawing those ideas that you have in order for you to easily compare ideas and have options on what you want your home to look like. Having pictures will be very helpful and easier for you to show builders exactly what you want, instead of just telling them what you want since it can lead to confusion or even disappointment if builders don’t seem to understand your idea. House building will be so much easier if you do this first. Since you would of course want your own house to be exactly the way you pictured it.

After deciding on what you want your house to look like, the next thing you have to consider is your budget. How much are you willing to shell out to build your home? How much more do you need to build that dream house? Or would you need a home loan in order to start building your own house? This part can also be helpful in considering different kinds of materials that you can use to replace expensive materials that you want. You should also talk to your architect or builder about your budget in order for them to adjust and give you suggestions on how you can still have that dream house that you want with the budget that you have.

Lastly, you also have to consider the needs of the people who would be living in your house. How many rooms would your family need? Ask yourself these questions – do you need a backyard for your pets? Would you have friends coming over a lot, which would need a bigger space in the living room? The most important thing in your home is making everyone in the house feel comfortable. House building can be a lot of work but following these steps can make it easier for you to finally start living in that dream home you’ve always wanted.

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<img src="construction.jpg" alt="cottage">


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