Floor selection for a stylish garden (Stone, Ceramic, PVC and Wood)

Floor selection for a stylish garden (Stone, Ceramic, WPC and Wood)

What should you pay attention to when choosing the ground of your garden? Does a stylish floor satisfy you, or is it important to be useful? We find answers to the questions in your mind.

WPC Flooring

With WPC Flooring, you can turn your balcony, garden and terrace into a flat, solid and stylish space. Its robust, durable material is airtight and colorfast, and is easily cleaned. It offers fast and easy installation, so you can easily renew your garden floor with WPC Flooring.

Color: Dark gray
Panel size: 200x13x2 cm

Average WPC Flooring costs $ 12

Stone Floor Covering 30×30 cm

With Stone Flooring, you can create a flat and solid space on your terrace or balcony. With its stylish and decorative design, it will add a different atmosphere to your home. It offers easy assembly without using screws and tools.

  • Panel size: 30 x 30 cm
  • Height: 2.3 cm
  • Material: Stone
  • Color: Gray
  • Package Content: 4 pcs
  • Area Covered: 0,36 m²

Stone Flooring 30×30 cm price $ 3

Wooden Floor Covering

With Wooden Flooring, you can cover your balcony, garden and terrace by giving it a flat and stylish look. If you want, renew the ground or if you want, a garden path between the grass. It offers a perfect aesthetic.
Quick and easy assembly is made thanks to the key-lock system.
Connecting materials such as metal screws and bolts are not needed.
You can use it indoors and outdoors, such as garden, terrace, balcony, cafe and home.

  • Length: 118 cm
  • Width: 39 cm
  • Height: 7.3 cm

Wood Flooring price $ 30

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