Garden Fence Ideas (Iron, Wood and Plastic)

Garden Fence Ideas (Iron, Wood and Plastic)

You want to fencing your garden but don’t know how to do it? What is the most suitable for garden fence, we detail its cost and use.

Milan Wood Fence

Garden Fence Ideas (Iron, Wood and Plastic) - Milan Wood Fence-min

Milan Wood Fence general information, product feature and price information

Product feature

Wooden fence that will draw your garden borders, provide a regular view to your garden and protect your flowers …

It is made of trees that are baked and protected with impregnation against external factors in order to avoid any problems in use.

Dimensions: 180 x 80 cm

Milan Wood Fence costs $ 15 on average

Campowert Green Artificial Grass Fence

Turning greenery in your garden with wood and iron can spoil the visuality. Turning your garden with artificial grass fence can create a more beautiful environment.

Product features;

  • Green 1Mtx3Mt Turf Fence Artificial Turning Fence
  • Product Size: 1 Mt. x 3 Mt.
  • Plastic grass processed on wire fence

Average fee of green artificial fence is $ 48

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