Garden Pots Types and Models (with hangers and legs)

Garden Pots Types and Models (with hangers and legs)

We give information about how to choose a pot for the garden, what to consider when choosing a pot and the most preferred pot models.

Easy Growing Plant Growing Pot

Product Features of Plant Growing Pot

  • Growing plants on the terrace or balcony is easy with the Easy Growing Plant Grow Pot
  • Thanks to the height of 76 cm, you can grow your plants without getting tired.
  • Modern rattan look
  • Irrigation system
  • Size: 114×49,3×75,7 cm
  • Volume: 120 liters
  • Color: Anthracite
  • Material: Plastic

The average price of Easy Growing Plant Growing Pot is $ 89.

Sardegna Pot Brown

We provide information about Sardegna Pot Brown product features and price.

Sardegna Pot Brown

Product Features

High quality terracotta made in Germany. Breathable and frost resistant. Water drain hole and Suitable for Outdoor Plants.

Not only is the design convincing: In natural terracotte, it is an excellent choice for your facilities, it is breathable and open porous. As a result, the pot absorbs the water and delivers its dose, for the plants to grow beautifully and vigorously.

Green Plants such as boxwood, tall stems or flowering arrangements, “Sardegna”, will bring your favorite plants to their best advantage.

The average fee of Sardegna Pot Brown is $ 66.

Wooden Flower Pot Natural Yellow Pine

Product Features

• Wooden square flowerpot • Product dimensions: 57×57 Height; 61 cm • Plastic flower pot in the wooden flower pot is included in the product • Flower pot closure is 72 liters • Plastic flower pot depth 50 cm • The product is suitable for indoor use • The product is partially water resistant because it is varnished • Color: Natural wood color • Product cardboard packaging shipped with.

The price of Wooden Pot Natural Yellow Pine is $ 58 on average.

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